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November, 2011

  1. Copper opens 22′ pipe for 2011/2012 season

    It’s pretty amazing to see the photos coming from Copper at their already-open 22 foot half pipe. Most of the members of the U.S. Freeskiing and Snowboarding Half Pipe teams along with top athletes from around the world are here taking their turns dropping in. These guys and girls are not wasting any time shaking…

  2. How to Ski Powder — 15 Tips for Learning in 24 Hours →

    Tim Ferris has a post on his blog based on his experiences with the guys at PowderQuest based on his lessons and experimentations skiing powder. If you don’t know, Tim is an extreme experimenter and will tweak (his workweek and body included) until he reaches optimal conclusions. There’s some great tips here for the new and experienced alike:

    X-factor: If you fall, don’t put your hands down to push yourself up, as you’ll simply fall through and get a snow sandwich. Cross your poles into an “X,” hold onto the intersection with one hand, place it uphill from you, and then push yourself up.

  3. CDOT Courtesy Patrol begins on I-70

    From the GoI-70 Blog: The Courtesy Patrol program begins on Friday, November 25. Drivers of passenger and other smaller vehicles are provided free roadside assistance for services such as flat tires, fuel or water transfer, jump starts, short-distance towing, accident scene protection and minor mechanical assistance. Three pickups and a tow truck patrol I-70 between…

  4. Keystone (2011-11-20)

    It was a fun day up in Summit County. It’s early season so there’s no traffic, Dillon seems still quieter than usual and the lifties won’t let you on until 9 AM. We used our first day as a dry run to work out all the kinks: adding the ski rack on the roof, making…