Aside Breckenridge Snow

In case you wanted to know what you’re missing out…

In case you wanted to know what you’re missing out here: here’s some powder off the T-Bar at Breckenridge

Breckenridge Food & Drink Photography

Here’s to Spring!

Looking good, Breck.

Breckenridge Food & Drink

Green Beer at Breck

Green beer, Breckenridge anniversary glass, and the game. Not a bad St. Paddy’s… [geolocation]

Beaver Creek Photography

Beautiful blue sky at Beaver Creek

Snow Technology

Freshy Map is a great way to visualize snow

Whoa, Freshy Map, where have you been all this time? Here’s a straight-forward concept: show a full-screen map with the weather overlaid. Then add simple metrics for each resort, add some prediction logic, graphs, and boom, you’ve got the ability to figure out where the snow is (and will be). I’ll keep playing with this […]

Food & Drink Recommendations Reviews

Noodles & Co. Grown Up Mac hits the spot

I had the chance to try out the Bacon Mac & Cheese at Noodles & Co. for free the other day. I’ll be honest, I’ve always been a big fan of every plate at Noodles but this is no ordinary mac: it’s essentially a bacon cheeseburger in pasta form and, well, what’s not to like […]

Photography Vail

Sunset over Chair 26 on Vail’s “Opening Day Eve”

Found on Vail Mountain’s Facebook Wall.


Scientists announce best skiing in solar system: Saturn’s moon

Here’s a little detour from our regularly scheduled programming: although we think the best skiing may be here in Colorado, it seems there is a bunch of potential on Saturn’s moon, Enceladus. From National Geographic: “Researchers think superfine snowflakes are blasted out of geyser-like jets, which emanate from long fissures called tiger stripes on the […]