To Snowboarders, With Love

I think snowboarders are awesome. I am totally and completely biased, mostly because I am one of them. And so it is from this pro-boarder perspective that I wish to start out this season with a heartfelt request for us to be better people with whom to share the mountain.

We’ve created a reputation for ourselves and, really, it all comes down to this: Be courteous and STAY OUT OF THE WAY!

Do you want to strap in and start your ride? Great! Don’t do it in the middle of the thoroughfare. Move to the side and get out of the way of everyone else. And don’t be the jacka** who plops down right in front of a boarder about to stand up and make them maneuver around you.

Got stuck on a catwalk and are trying to cajole your board along by hopping? I am so sorry. That completely sucks. But don’t take up the entire middle of the catwalk so no one can go around you. Get out of the way and move to the side so everyone else can maintain their speed.

Want to sit in the adirondack chairs without unstrapping, thereby blocking off access to the chairs on either side of you? Just don’t. Seriously.

Did you burn out on a tree or mogul run? Move to the most visible area possible so people can plan another route around you and your grounded board.

Do you see a family of four skiing side-by-side in a place where you need to maintain your momentum? I totally feel for you and I realize they’re going to get in your way. (Side note to everyone: please don’t do this!) Try calling out “on your left!”. Don’t just zoom by and risk hurting someone who plans to make a last-minute turn (downhill has the right of way).

And one more time, where are you going to strap in? Say it with me: SOMEWHERE OUT OF THE WAY!

Happy riding! May we all have a fun, safe, and considerate year (also known as “a good year of boarding combined with being a good person!”)

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