Colorado Snow (also known as cosnow, pronounced “co-snow”, it rhymes!) has set out to become the ultimate resource for Colorado skiers, snowboarders and everyone else who enjoys winter snow and summer mountains (winter snow brings summer wildflowers!).

Our goal is to cover and write about the following:

  • Resort news and events
  • Weather reports
  • Traffic and other transportation
  • Gear including reviews
  • Event updates, calendar and coverage
  • Seasonal information to help even the most advanced visitors
  • Trail guides for the less-explored areas

Colorado Snow Blog was founded in fall of 2006 by Devin Reams and has since been renamed to Colorado Snow (and shortened to “cosnow”). The style has remained largely the same since 2006 (black text on white, dark blue) and the official logo was created by Aaron Mahnke.

If you’d like to learn more about why we do this, what our strategy is, how we make money (hint: we don’t, really) and more, please read this Q&A around monetizing Colorado Snow.


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Rachel and Devin at Steamboat

Our primary writer, editor, researcher and “social media expert” is Devin Reams.

Some of the best articles are provided by Devin’s best friend and wife, Rachel.

Occasional guest posts are included from state resorts, public relations individuals, and local skiers and snowboarders. If you’d like to contribute or submit a story for consideration, please contact us.


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Breck Connection
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Accolades & Mentions

We’ve been cited, quoted, and referenced in a number of publications and our opinions highlighted by a number of organizations including:

  • MTN Town
  • Condé Nast Traveler
  • Examiner.com
  • STI
  • Ski Bumper
  • GoI70
  • Ski-Blog.com

Guest Posts

On occasion we’ve been asked to or volunteered to contribute a story or a post to another publication or blog.


We provide our opinion as freely as some of the items we receive. Other times we just want to let the world know what we thought of an experience or product.

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Days on the Mountain

The ski log is used to collect our photos and recaps from our personal days on the slopes.

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