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Skied at Winter Park on March 15, 2019

I was lucky enough to have a mid-day visit on Friday to Winter Park after a huge storm on Wednesday.

It was a beautiful sunny day and around 1:00 PM I pulled into Winter Park’s free parking lot and was able to find an open parking spot. After walking past the Moffat Tunnel I was greeted by zero crowds and zero lines. My luck had just begun.

View of Vasquez at Winter Park from the lift

I made my way up the gondola and wandered towards the Vasquez territory. I enjoy the bumps and trees over there and it’s usually pretty quiet so figured I could find some fun stuff to ski in (I did!).

Panoramic view from top of Panoramic Express lift at Winter Park

I made my way over towards Mary Jane, knowing all the best fresh stuff had been long gone. But there were still tons of tree runs with powder stashes. In some areas the powder was a foot deeper or more!

Panorama of powder in tree runs at Winter Park

Overall I had a nice quick afternoon session with about an hour of actual downhill (according to Slopes), no crowds, and plenty of fresh soft snow everywhere. Don’t worry, there will be some leftover for everyone heading up this weekend…

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