Shaping Up for the Season

With A-Basin and Loveland already open for the season and my pass purchased, my mind turns to getting in shape for the season. Lots of lunges and wall sits are now part of my workout regime in addition to my usual cardio and weights. I have a few sore muscles, but it should mean better turns and more endurance this season.

So why lunges and wall sits? Well, I am not a physical trainer, but a little research tells me that it’s important to build strength in the quads, hamstrings, gluts and core muscles. If you’re going the low-tech route, lunges, side lunges, squats, jump rope, crunches, and wall sits are all good exercises. For those with a gym membership or who want a more structured regime, getting familiar with the leg extension, leg curl, abduction, adduction and ab machines is a good start.

A few resources:

There you have it, a laywoman’s take on ski season preparedness. So, what are you doing to get in shape? Have any tips?

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