Knowing Where the Snow Is

Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I like to know what other parts of the country or world are getting snow so that I can be appropriately jealous (or happily smug about Colorado totals).

Recently I found the Powder Points snow report, which makes this easy by listing all snow totals in one aggregated list. How else would I know that Bjorli, Norway has been pounded with 2 feet of snow in the last 72 hours? It’s also great to see Colorado resorts filling out quite a few of the top slots because of the latest snow.

Now to plan a trip to Norway…

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@Mike – I’d be interested in knowing which one you use. I have the Snow Reports and Snow Day Counter plug-ins, but for the snow report one I have to select which resorts I want to get info about. That’s handy as well, but, in that case, I have to know what I’m looking for. I like the Powder Points report because it just lists the top snow totals without me having to do anything.

The snow is comin to Wolf Creek. If you have any way to get down there Sunday will be incredible. NOAA estimating 2-4′. I wanna see Wolf Creek on your resort list.

Hey, thanks for stopping by Gabe. I’ll look at getting Wolf Creek added. I’ve been watching the Wolf Creek snow total with awe the last two days. I really should have made it up to the mountains this weekend!

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