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Fun Breckenridge Run: Inferno

Sunday I visited Breckenridge and was greeted with over 11″ of powder. Inferno, a black diamond off of Peak 9, is one of the more consistently entertaining runs I’ve found.

Although it was closed this past weekend you could head down a fraction of the run, perhaps the part that mattered most: the deep powder. Take a look for yourself:

Breckenridge: Powder

Most people overlook this slop as it’s tucked between two blues on the beginner side of the mountain and it’s not even on the trail map. But if you keep your eyes open under Chair C and you’re a fan of deep powder, fluffy trees and some bumps then this challenge is certainly worth it.

Breckenridge: Powder

Unfortunately, to get to it you’re most likely coming up from the bottom at Beaver Run Superchair or Chair C (a slow two-person). So, the lines may not always be worth it–watch for slower days on the front.

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