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Documentary: Heli-skiing: living the dream

I just finished up watching my first documentary in high definition: Heli-skiing: living the dream. Produced by Discovery HD Theater this was an awe-inspiring look at Mike Wiegele’s “Wiegele World” in BC, Canada.

An expensive trip that is worth every penny as Wiegele has cited numerous clients walking away telling him it was “best day of their life” every day of their trip. With snowcat and helicopter skiing you’re welcome to ski unlimited vertical feet on mountains that few have ever touched. You become part of a tour group (with highly skilled guides) and packages include three square meals, lodging and terrain you’ve never dreamed of. Things you won’t get at Wiegele World: crowds or lines.

Wiegele World

If you’re a Comcast HD subscriber check out the documentary ON Demand. Oh, and the local tie: the documentary was produced by a team from Beaver Creek.

Click here to visit Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing.

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