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Fun things to do at Keystone

I just spent an awesome (long) weekend up in Keystone and I had a blast. It’s amazing the many things you can do in the mountains and never get bored. Here’s the top 4 things I recommend you do if you have some extra time:

River Run base area

  1. Ski the Outback. I had never been as far back as I had until a friend led me around. Sometimes that’s all it takes: someone else to explore with you. With plenty of hard blues and expert diamonds theres something for anyone riding intermediate-and-up. Be sure to hit the trees off of Wolverine. The best part? Experts don’t often head to Keystone so you’ll have plenty of room to yourself!
  2. Night ski. For most people a day of skiing and snowboarding ends around 2 or 3 when the lifts start shutting down. But, at Keystone your day doesn’t end until 9pm! Head up Friday afternoon, ski all night and then get a full day on Saturday from open to close.
  3. Ice skate at Lakeside. How often do you get to skate on an outdoor pond? Lakeside (due West of Mountain House (which is due West of River Run) has five-acres of Zamboni-maintained ice. If you get a condo your skating is free or else it’s $11 to skate and $7 for the rental. The surroundings are worth it.
  4. Have a burger at Wolf Rock Brewery. Delicious burgers from one of the highest microbreweries you’ll ever visit. With a build-your-own-burger menu and your choice of buffalo, well, ’nuff said.

I’m speaking from very recent experience. Keystone (and all the other resorts) have tons of activities to keep you entertained. Sometimes the locals don’t stick around to explore all the other fun things to do off the slopes. Instead of taking an expensive flight somewhere warm this winter why not stay in the hills for a bit?

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Mondays are $1.50 Fat Tire happy hours at Pizza by the Pond. Not a bad price and beats $6 on the slopes by a long shot!

P.S. great picture Josh!

Hey there – Keystone is a great place to ski on a POW day. Actually, anywhere is great on a POW day. I have a great secret stash. Email me sometime and maybe we can take a few runs together.

I’ve had some great day’s at Keystone. They have some great LONG bump runs and a ton of great trees to ski through. A great Rippin Skier friend of mine known as the Corn Muncher thinks of Keystone as a natural terrain park!!!

Hey all!

This will be my first time skiing at Keystone. I will be taking my wife, 14 y.o. son and 14 y.o. nephew March 23-28. Any tips on great runs, good ski rentals, good food, other facts that would be helpful? We are staying at River Run. We are moderate skiiers (we are from Louisiana and only ski one week per year) and handle blues well but not so much the blacks and definately not the moguls.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.




I just recently spent a weekend up there and stayed at River Run! There are a lot of blues off the River Run Gondola/Summit Express lift — Flying Dutchman, Frenchman, Wild Irishman, etc. We ended up always taking the Summit Express lift (and not the gondola) as it never had a line. I felt a little crowded on the slopes, but there was rarely a line at Summit Express. The beginner we were with really liked Mozart (blue run) down the backside. From the bottom of that, you can take Santiago Express which has a couple steeper blues. Beware that these might be a little crusty if there hasn’t been snow recently.

As for ski rentals, I’m not sure I can be of much help as I haven’t rented at the resort. I do know that unless you have a deal with your condo, it will be cheaper to rent in Breckenridge, Dillon, or Silverthorne — you can’t really miss the rental shops as you drive through. 🙂

I can vouch for Devin’s recommendation of the Wolf Rock Brewery — good atmosphere, good food and good beer. I would also recommend checking out Breckenridge at least one night. It also has a good brewery and a cute main street with lots of shops and will be more “happening” in the evening than at the resort.

Well, hope this helps. Have fun!

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