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Interview: Michelle Roark, 2008 moguls winner

If you watched the 2008 Sprint U.S. Freestyle Championships at Deer Valley Resort you may have noticed a few local faces tearing up the slopes. One of them happened to be local resident Michelle Roark (U.S. Ski Team) who won the Duals Moguls title (article) this year.

Michelle is a student at the School of Mines in Golden, has competed with the U.S. Ski Team in the Olympics, and taken a number of medals including the World Cup title. Fun fact: as a chemical engineer, Roark has released her own perfume line called Phi-nomenal.

Michelle took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for Colorado Snow:

How does it feel to win the national title? This isn’t your first is it?
Believe it or not I have been World Cup Champion, World Champion Silver Medalist and won a half a dozen World Cups, but never won Nationals until now … it feels great!

What’s it like competing in the Olympics? Do you get more nervous than other competitions?
Competing in the Olympics was an accomplishment of a lifetime as it had been my goal since I was five! The Olympics is a bigger stage than our World Cup competitions, but what the general public does not understand is that we compete against the same athletes in our World Cup competitions about 13 times every season. For us it is just another World Cup with a bigger audience.

What have been some of your biggest challenges over the years? Injuries probably don’t help?
I have had numerous setbacks. I have had six knee surgeries and until my most recent years I have really struggled financially to keep my dream alive.

You must’ve skied all over the world by now. I assume Colorado is your favorite snow, right?
I have skied all over the world and I can honestly say my favorite place to ski, by far hands down, is Winter Park/Mary Jane!

Where are your favorite runs in Colorado? Any secrets we should know about?
I LOVE all the runs at the Jane! There is nothing better than ripping bumps at the Jane with my family and friends!!!

Does your perfume (Phi-nomenal) help when you compete? Where can we get some of our own?
I stared making my perfume line just before the last Olympics. I wanted something that would not only last all day, but empower the wearer with energy, confidence, and focus. My first scent was made for the Olympics to help me get in the zone … and let me tell you it works! We have five women scents and one men’s now available on our web site at

Thanks again to Michelle for chatting with us! Learn more about Michelle and the entire U.S. Ski Team at

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