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Ask CoSnow: snow in early November?

Q: I am getting married on Novemeber 8th of this year and my fiance and I are very interested in going to Breakenridge for our Honeymoon. However, I am having a hard time finding answers on whether or not there is enough snow for skiing in early November. We are both intermediate skiiers so we would prefer not to be comepletely limited to Black slopes. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks -Amanda

A: Hi Amanda, First off, congratulations! I think the mountains are the ideal place to get married (especially in Beaver Creek when the Food Network is in town).

To answer your question, both Arapahoe Basin and Loveland had already opened up by mid-October last season. I’m guessing that Breckenridge should be opened by the first week in November but as you mention, the snow won’t be great. I didn’t even go up to Breck until the first week of December (we had a terrible November).

So, assuming things are different than last year and we get some early precipitation you should be fine.

Interestingly enough you’ll see that the slopes that are opened aren’t the blacks–there’s not enough snow to cover the junk! All the beginner and intermediate slopes receive the benefit of man-made snow early in the season. With that said, you guys should be fine.

Let us know how it goes and check back for regular updates.

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