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Employees banned from using Playboy snowboards

A new line of snowboards called ‘Love’ from Burton have nearly-nude models on them and Vail Resorts, Winter Park, and Echo Mountain (so far) have prohibited employees from riding on them. Sure it’s common sense. Even though they aren’t preventing guests (and off-the-clock employees) from using them, I wonder how long until someone makes a big deal about it. Read the rest of the Playboy snowboard article at the Colorado Daily.

One reply on “Employees banned from using Playboy snowboards”

I am reading this and other articles about people who want to control what people can buy, read, eat, listen to, etc.

While liberals claim to be the pillars of truth and supporters of the first ammendment and long it is nwhat they prescribe to.

How dare Burton give boys/men what they want? Like these snowboards are any more revealing than what we see at some of the parties or at nightclubs on the slopes?

the human body is beautiful, i think burton has come up with a winning idea

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