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Copper Four Pass blackout dates lifted for 2008/2009

“Copper is bringing you some holiday relief by freeing up blackout dates on the Four Pass! Four days of skiing and snowboarding access to Copper’s one-of-a-kind naturally divided terrain and FREE parking. Blackout days lifted!” Rock on. Nobody likes a blackout date.

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Are there any lifts of the blackout dates for individuals who have the copper/mt/winter park pass that was offered through Wells Fargo bank to college students in Greely, Co at a discount price. I believe students who opened up a checking account at Wells Fargo got 50% off of a Copper Mt./Winter park season pass. Are there any lifts of blackout dates for purchasing tickets for friends on this card?

Hey Doug, there aren’t any differences in restrictions for those pass holders who used the Wells Fargo ‘College Pass’ 2-for-1 deal.

From what I can tell there are no blackout dates or restrictions on the current season passes.

This “lure” to the slopes with a “claimed” lifting of black-out dates on the Trans-four pass was a complete “bait-and-switch.” Our 19-year-old son went to Copper on December 29 with a Trans-Four pass and was denied by the lift operator and guest services, claiming that it was a black-out date and the Trans Four pass was no good. He argued that the black-out dates had been lifted (SEE ARTICLE ABOVE). He was DENIED again and told he had to buy the $92 pass to ski (with his sister, who had a season pass) that day. What a disappointment for a kid home from college, and who had no “spare” $92! He relied on Copper Mountain’s “bait” to get to the slope — but then it pulled this “switch!” Hey, isn’t that illegal?

They did not lift the blackout dates on the Trans Four pass. They only lifted them on the Copper Four Pass. Two different passes, two different prices. The Trans Four has no picture and is completely trasnferable and was available online ($189). The Four Pass is picture specific and could only be bought locally($139). Basically, they rewarded the local buyer by cancelling all the blackout dates.

Humpday Hooky on Feb. 4th was a huge scam too! KBPI sucks for advertising this sweet deal for over a year and then limiting it to 500 tickets which dissapeared in less than 3 minutes! Talk about bait. Take the day off ahead of time to get denied when ticket printing time came.

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