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Gear Review: Giro TuneUps Audio Kit

I just had to write about the Giro TuneUps audio kit because I love it so much.  Compatible with the Giro Omen, Fuse, G10 and G9 helmets, this kit is basically two earpads with built in headphones that you can just pop into your helmet. 

Giro Tune Ups Audio Kit

I use them with my G10 helmet, and they feel exactly the same as the original earpads.  You plug your MP3 player into one of the earpads (make sure to plug it in all the way for consistent sound) and you can enjoy tunes all day on the mountain.  The genius of this setup is the simply-designed volume control.  A small controller on the headphone wire clips on to your jacket and the volume can easily be muted or adjusted even with your gloves on! Unfortunately, the clip on my controller broke off, but it works just fine hanging free.

Giro also offers the helmets mentioned above with the audio system included and they have a Bluetooth model.  I haven’t used the Bluetooth set, but if Giro wants to send me one I’d love to test it out!

  • Pros:  Good sound, great volume control, easy installation
  • Cons:  headphone jack can be tricky, clip for volume control breakable
  • Cost: Retails around $30, but REI has the Giro TuneUps for $10 (less then regular headphones!)

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