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Loveland officially opens 2009/2010 season

Ski Area Opens First

Wow, opening over a week earlier than the previous season (and the earliest in 40 years), Loveland has officially opened the 2009/2010 season and is the first ski area to do so in North America. Through snowmaking, they’ve started the season with an 18-inch base.

Arapahoe Basin, the annual competitor in the #RaceToOpen (Twitter hashtag to follow instant updates), congratulated Loveland and then announced they, too will open this week (Friday).

I don’t know about you, but I’m not quite ready yet. I thought I was ready… but I’m not ready. See you up there!

If you’re looking for more opening dates for resorts around Colorado, be sure to check the events calendar right here on Colorado Snow.

One reply on “Loveland officially opens 2009/2010 season”

I’m not ready, plus I have no plans to ski on a ribbon of death.

I also have environmental concerns related to all of this snow making. I know most if not all resorts make some amount of snow, but opening this early more snow making is required. A friend of mine who does hydrology research in high alpine areas says Loveland has a unique marshland habitat that they drain for the water to make snow.

So while I may like the idea that there are ski areas open, I’m not sure it’s necessary – even to please avid skiiers such as ourselves.

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