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Review: Swany X-Change II gloves

The Swany X-Change II ski gloves are an awesome pair from their sports utility crossover collection. I haven’t worn a pair that are so well rounded with little complaint.

Swany X-Change II (SX-30)


The lining is comfortable and was perfectly snug. As with any gloves (not mittens) you’re a bit limited in mobility but I found I had a decent level of dexterity with these. They are thick, and extremely warm, but tasks like buckling boots and adjusting straps on the slope were no problem.

Exterior and shell

I skiied with this pair a few days last season but none were overly snowy or wet. As far as I was concerned, the gloves were waterproof and kept me dry throughout the day. From sitting and falling in powder, they never retained any moisture (which sometimes leaves gloves heavy and sopping).


The gloves have a nice exterior waterproof pouch for holding a hand warmer. Frankly, I never needed it (even on single-digit days) but could see how your fingers would get cold (I usually stick my fingers into my fist and that works out). The quick-release wrist guard never allowed snow down into the glove. The leash was handy but I always find keeping gloves on my wrists to be more of a nuisance than anything. Being able to strap the gloves together and hang them off my backpack was certainly handy but is pretty standard for gloves these days.


I can see how this is one of the best selling pairs of Swany ski gloves. It’s an all-around great pair of gloves for a fairly reasonable price at $85. If I were to buy a new pair now I would definitely recommend these as a every-day glove. For those super cold days, though, I’d likely be looking for some mittens.

Rating: 4/5 flakes

Denver, Colorado, United States

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