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Shaun White's new tricks

Shaun White’s private half-pipe was built so he could focus on innovating and building new tricks. I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by this but I am. Maybe it’s the exclusive avalance-groomed snow, the custom-built pipe, or the fact he is working to take the sport to another level, I’m not sure..

In any case, Shaun’s new tricks have been posted online today for everyone to see (did you catch those corkscrews in the first video?). Click to go straight to Shaun’s new tricks on the Project X site:

If you’re interested in this stuff just let me know, we’ll keep the updates coming.

2 replies on “Shaun White's new tricks”

Seriously, the Project X site is… awesome. I think the sheer romance of the entire website story is where the true captivation lies. The tricks ARE ridiculous, ridiculously ridiculous.

I think, however, that the super-human tricks are trumped by the relatable feeling achieved by the process, I mean.. red bull dragged and pushed the foam pit up a street during a snow storm! Were they high? Granted, my friends and I didn’t have a giant foam pit, or small foam pit, but we’ve all spent hours crafting jumps on neighborhood hills or in backcountry fluffiness… and that effort for the sake of fun (and getting better) is what is truly awesome about Shaun’s new tricks and the site… In my opinion.

But otherwise, I have the utmost respect for Shaun. The new tricks will undoubtedly look like a blur in competition and never again be portrayed nearly as well as they have on the site… but damn.

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