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Ski with a friend passes

If you’re a Vail Resorts season pass holder (Summit Pass, Colorado Pass, Epic Pass), keep in mind you have 6 “Ski With A Friend” passes to use this season. This entitles you to discounted lift tickets at the window. We recently visited Beaver Creek where a $97 adult ticket became $65 with the discount. For pricing details (as it varies during the season) visit or call 888-215-3867.

Updated: As Nicole pointed out, ‘buddy passes’ are different than ‘ski with a friend’ passes and prices are posted online. Thanks!

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Actually I think “Ski with a Friend” and “Buddy Passes” are two separate things. I can rarely keep straight which is which, but there are the “Buddy Passes” which you get when renewing your pass before the end of May each year. This year, those renewing before May got 4 $59 tickets. “Ski with a Friend” prices are for some discount off the ticket price for 6 passes. The discount is not set, but changes through out the season.

Current Ski with a Friend discounts:

Good catch, Nicole. I think they’ve renamed ‘buddy passes’ to ‘ski with a friend’ because they used to call the Summit Pass the “Buddy Pass.” The four $59 tickets are just… cheap tickets? 😉

Just a clarification, the $59 lift tickets are for spring season only, an additional benie if you renew for the next season right away. Those are in addition to the six discount passes you already receive for purchasing a season pass. I sure wish I could get those prices during peak season, that would be friggin shweet! Although pre season isn’t too bad @ $55 for the ski-with-a-friend…If we got any friggin snow!!!LOL

Does anyone know whether you can receive the ski with a friend discount between Christmas and New Years? Also any idea on what the discount would be?

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