Beaver Creek (2012-01-22)

Waking up on Sunday morning in Silverthorne lead me to see the best thing I’ve seen all season: nearly a foot of new snow. We figured traffic would be light with everyone taking it easy on the highway. Boy were we wrong. We arrived in Avon around 9:30 and people were parked on every side road up, on US 6, and every lot was full (obviously). The drivers said this was the most they’ve had to park all season. I guess everyone got the memo…

After parking on US 6 we made our way up to the Landing and sped up the Lower Beaver Creek Mountain Express Lift (next to the Westin gondola) and made it up to Bachelor Gulf in a jiffy.

There was fresh snow everywhere. It took zero effort to find untouched snow all over the mountain. It was more crowded than usual in the morning but it was clear by lunch everyone was just in from town (and ready to get back to beat traffic). We had a great day all over: from Strawberry Park to Centennial to the Rose Bowl and everywhere in between.

Obviously, it was the best snow we’ve seen this season.

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