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Support Boarders Without Borders on Kickstarter

Boarders Without Borders is a film following a handful of professional snowboarders on a journey to Iran:

The last thing that comes to mind is 14,000-foot mountains covered in Utah-like powder, with densely populated resorts and chalets nestled at the base of the slopes. However, with over 75% of the population of Iran aged 35 and under, counter-cultures like snowboarding are hidden sanctuaries for the youth of Iran. We will explore this unknown world on and off the slopes through the eyes of these three American riders, and experience their journey as they discover a country that has been sealed off from the West for over 30 years.

Plus, one of Colorado’s own, Gabi Viteri, is planning to travel to Iran:

Colorado’s Gabi Viteri has spent a fair share of time in front of film and still cameras. After spending 2010 rehabbing from a hip injury, Gabi came back strong and filmed all season with Peepshow. In between touring from North Carolina to Montreal hunting for creative street spots, Gabi hit up the US Open rail jam, rocked the Burton’s women’s team shoot at Northstar-at-Tahoe, and stopped off at the Sundance Film Festival and Coachella with the Burton crew.

The film is looking to raise $125,000 by September 16th to cover expenses (and have raised almost $24,00 as of today). If you pledge money to the effort now you can help the project be successful and receive a variety of rewards including a DVD or Blu-Ray of the film, a t-shirt, hoodie, and a variety of gift bags.

Plus, the first 50 people to pledge $1 or more will receive an autographed poster. Simply pledge and write a message to them on Kickstarter saying ‘X Games’. Learn more at

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