Breckenridge Ski Log

Breckenridge (2012-12-18)

The snow continued to come down Tuesday morning in Breckenridge, they reported 12 inches of snow, 6 of which fell overnight after the resort closed. We didn’t get on the mountain until 10:30 but there was still plenty of fun, soft runs to be had.

The lines were a bit longer at the Colorado and Rocky Mountain SuperChairs, but no more than half-of-half of the queue (half of the lanes open, lines backed up half the distance).

We were able to get in four runs in 90 minutes (plus a quick break) and had no complaints: good snow, no crowds. The weather did clear up around noon and the sun actually came out. Little did we know it would stop snowing until the next morning…


Breckenridge, Colorado, United States

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