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Breckenridge (2012-12-19)

We decided to spend the morning at the house (reading, making fried egg sandwiches, drinking hot chocolate) and just let the snow keep falling at Breckenridge. The big storm expected did not come overnight and we didn’t start seeing snow come until 5 AM.

Once lunchtime came around the snow had stopped there was plenty of cloud cover. We were on the hill by 1:30 and were able to get 4 or so runs in (with a break, it was much colder than I anticipated) on Peak 8.

The Colorado and Rocky Mountain SuperChairs were empty by the time we got there so there was no wait. But that also meant no fresh snow to speak of.

Not to say there weren’t plenty of lesser-touched runs. I was able to get a few good mogul runs in with one final (excellent) run down the trees beneath the T-Bar. Everything was so soft, a “bad day” this week is still far better than an average day last season.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad 90-minute workout for a Wednesday.

Though we do need more snow on top of what we have here. It’s now only just considered a ‘good base’, it won’t be too fun these next few days unless there’s new terrain opened or more fresh snow.


Breckenridge, Colorado, United States

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