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Winter Park (2013-03-03)

We left Breckenridge early(ish) Sunday morning and made the 90 minute drive (depending on how fast you drive) to Winter Park. We hit US 40 around 10:15 and there was absolutely no traffic, this was a good sign.

When we arrived at Winter Park we headed to the free parking behind the cabriolet lift. We were able to park down in Lot C which meant a quick hike across the bridge and we were in the village. Excellent!

We were here Sunday to watch the Wells Fargo Ski Cup in support of NSCD. Wandering around the village was excellent. There were no crowds to speak of, no lines at the Zephyr, and plenty of wide-open runs.

Luckily it was a warm sunny morning and things were fairly soft on the front, but my guess is there was some melting on Saturday and freezing Sunday morning so un-groomed parts were a bit crunchy.

By the afternoon the clouds started moving in (to dump a few inches at night) and it got chilly. Around 2 PM we swung by Cheeky Monk for some mussels and frites and called it a (good) day.

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