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Steamboat (2013-03-15)

Spring has arrived in Steamboat! While they’ve received a decent amount of snow in March, the conditions are turning rapidly.

Friday probably hit close to 50 F in the afternoon. Folks down at the base were in t-shirts and tank tops and the slush was thick. Compared to the morning, the afternoon was a soft, welcome experience.

Until the sun had touched anything, it was a very hard, icy, impenetrable sheet to ski on. We stuck to the slow ride on Bar-Ue for a bit to get some time to rest and let the sun come up a bit higher.

We took a few good turns down Buddy’s Run before mid-day and checked out Morningside Park. As things started to soften up the snow felt good and we had some fun. There was a sweet-spot around 11 where the temperature and conditions were just right.

We had a nice lunch outside at Four Points Hut and hung around the Pony Express lift for the afternoon. By 1:30 we had spent a decent amount of time on the hill and wandered back down to Gondola Square and hit the hot tub…

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