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Our Favorite Base Layer: Polarmax


I’m notoriously adverse to shopping for clothes. Most of the time a trip to the mall feels somewhat akin to pulling teeth, unless I’m shopping for outdoor winter gear. I’m pretty sure I could shop for fleeces and coats and mittens all day.

One of my favorite gear advances in recent years is the double duty that base layers can pull, which means it’s also one of Devin’s favorite advances since it means I (theoretically) need fewer ski clothes. With all the improvements to fabrics, you can transfer your ski clothes into apr├Ęs clothes without being the smelly person at the base of the mountain. But even more importantly, there are so many cute base layer options these days that they are clothes I don’t mind being seen in around town.

Polarmax Zip Mock

Polarmax has been one of our go-to brands for a while. We love their technical clothes. The layers breathe well, keep you warm, and are ridiculously comfortable. Seriously, so comfortable! At SIA, the friendly folks (always very friendly) at Polarmax gave us each a sample of next season’s mock zip to try and we have been wearing them everywhere, not just skiing. More than once we’ve both gotten dressed independently for hanging out on the weekend and realized we had on the same shirt. We still haven’t come up with a completely argument-free way to resolve who has to change, but it’s usually me since I’m the more adamant of the two of us that we can’t be “that” couple wearing matching clothes…

If you’re in the market for a new base layer, I highly recommend checking out Polarmax. In an era of excessively flashy mountain gear, they are a quietly unassuming brand but are still trendy and high-quality. We think they’re pretty spectacular and I bet you will, too.

Denver, Colorado, United States

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