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Night skiing approved by Steamboat Springs City Council

Steamboat Base Area

After weighing the pros and cons with the community, resort, home owners, and more, the Steamboat Springs City Council has approved night skiing at the ski area.

Though, just a few short days ago it was unclear which way the decision could go:

“The noise and light pollution issues will be significant,” the Edgemont condominium owner [Mark Booth] wrote in a letter to the Steamboat Springs City Council

Many homeowners expressed frustration as the illuminated base will lead to unwanted activity outside their condos. Whereas nearly everyone else felt the base area becomes deserted in the evening and said keeping it open later would “revitalize activity” in the area. Of course, activity means money so it’s safe to say this helped affect the decision.

“I speak in favor of this proposal on behalf of the 65 Chamber members I have at the base area,” Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association CEO Tom Kern told the council.

Having stayed a few nights in Steamboat at the Sheraton, we saw first hand how the place cleared out after the sun went down. We, too, felt that while we had a handful of restaurants to visit, the area was dead and we often opted to take a shuttle downtown. This is a fairly clear “not in my backyard” debate and its nice to see the Council did not give in to the homeowner minority.

According to the decision, additional night skiing hours (and pass fees) will last from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM on weekend nights and lights out will by by 9:30 PM (except for special events).

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