Girls Will Be — clothing for girls who aren’t defined by pink


I love this article about a mom who started a clothing company after her daughter was sick of boys getting “all the cool stuff” while she was stuck with pink and purple clothes covered in flowers.

There’s no pink or purple or glitter or hearts or flowers in the Girls Will Be clothing brand, and owner Sharon Choksi has made sure of it. The Austin mom was inspired by her 8-year-old daughter Maya, who at 3 decided that the pink and purple aisle, otherwise known as the girls’ clothing department, no longer suited her.

As someone who consciously purchased a men’s snowboard just a few seasons ago because all of the women’s options were pink, purple, and white, I totally appreciate this cause.

Celebrating the fact that girls can be something other than princesses when they’re young will hopefully allow them to grow up strong, empowered, and demanding cooler women’s ski/snowboard and apparel designs. And that’s a win for everyone.

Rock on, Girls Will Be.

Do you know of any good gear or apparel brands for girls and women that do a great job staying away from the pinks and purples?

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