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Copper Mountain announces on-mountain audio intelligence app Sherpa

Last week Copper Mountain announced Sherpa, a new on-mountain audio experience app.

sherpaStickerFinalSherpa provides hands-free, real-time “insider intelligence”, across the entire mountain. In other words, as you’re cruising the slopes, you’ll hear updates about what you’re near, where to go and what you can do.

Here are some examples of what you can do and what you’ll hear when using the app:

  • ability to contact ski patrol and give them your GPS coordinates
  • upcoming events at the mountain
  • a photo opportunity is nearby
  • there is a scenic spot and you can learn more about it
  • there is fresh snow on skiers right on this trail
  • turn ahead to go to a lift or right to a village
  • head straight for tight trees or go right for open lines

Now that the dust has settled around the initial announcement, its safe to say reactions are mixed. I’m excited as its an excellent differentiator, innovative approach to attracting and education visitors. For others, its seen as “selling stashes” or providing “locals only, insider information” to every John Doe on the mountain.

Sherpa content is sourced by employees, ski patrol and local experts to make lesser-known information available to anyone with a mobile device on the hill. I’ll be the first to admit that I appreciate the ability to easily learn more about a mountain but I can see the concerns that it destroys discoverability and exploration and ‘steals from the rich to give to the poor’.

What is you take? Learn more about Sherpa at

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