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Skied at Beaver Creek on December 12, 2015

Today was our first day skiing back in Colorado in two seasons! We weren’t around last year and were very anxious to get back to Colorado snow. Today did not disappoint.

Our first chair of the season

The forecasters at Open Snow were expecting at least a few inches all over the state. Beaver Creek had 2″ and we had a fun day even after a 10 AM start. Everything was soft, the temperatures were warm, and crowds were absent.

Under the Birds of Prey lift at Beaver Creek

When looking into the trees and some of the black areas of the mountain, it’s obvious a bit more snow is needed still. Beaver Creek had a 20″ base today and with another foot or more things will be in great shape. In fact, I’m jealous of those already planning to come up here next week and during the holidays.

After a quick 15,000 feet day, I’d say this was an excellent day back on the slopes for us, especially since its been far too long.

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