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Boulder Pack Co. folding backpack works great on the hill, packs up small for after

We just got introduced to a great locally manufactured backpack from Boulder Pack Co. Its a great size, folds into a small pouch, has plenty of pockets in addition to the main one, room for two water bottles on the sides, and even comes with a carabiner to attach other accessories.

Now we’ve owned our share of small bags and backpacks for quick hikes or day trips: drawstring bags, old school backpacks from our elementary days (seriously, like 20 years old) and even a durable foldable pouch. But after using this Boulder Pack Co. folding backpack, those bags are all going up in the attic.

We took the stylish orange one out for a hike recently (I like to make sure we’re seen, not just because its hunting season) and easily dropped in the baby’s bottle, a water bottle, and even attached her pacifier to the outside using the carabiner. On the inside we had plenty of room to hold two rain jackets and snacks.

The zipper pulls are well made and very easy to grab since they have a big loop. The top pocket is perfect for keys and the bottom pocket holds a phone perfect with easy access.

One of the best parts is the self-contained foldability. The little pouch arrives in the main and once you unzip out pops a backpack! It’s really easy to put back in, too (not the case with all bags like this). I just flip it on its back, fold the two sides in, and then fold it top to bottom and slide it (what used to be) the little pocket on the front at the bottom.

In fact, the compact bag makes for a great day bag while traveling on planes. I always aim to pack light and not check bags on the plane so this means I can pack my big adventure backpack for a trip and throw this in that bag to then give myself a portable day-bag and not have to carry a separate backpack or shoulder bag.

The price (just $20 on Amazon) is just about what you’d expect for a normal backpack but this is not just a normal bag. I love the build, the zipper pulls are a really nice touch, and the included caribeaner (not to mention the foldability!) make this an easy recommendation and strong buy from me. We have two now!

The Boulder Pack Co. bag is brought to us from the awesome folks at OneSource IML who produce all kinds of high quality products and have some manufacturing right here in Golden, CO (near New Terrain, a great brewery you should try some time if you haven’t already). Check them out more on Instagram at @boulderpackco.

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