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  1. • Visa Shortage Sends Resorts Scrambling

    Western ski resorts are finding themselves pinched for employees this coming winter, thanks to a cap on visa workers that has all but eliminated their usual stream… click here to read more.

  2. • Tim Zimmerman Interview

    Tim Zimmerman is a man who can speak from experience. As team photographer for Mervin, he works with some of the most accomplished and most colorful riders in the sport… click to read more.

  3. • Arapahoe Basin Web Site Gets Facelift

    Arapahoe Basin web site gets a facelift.  It’s much easier to navigate through the site and the site just looks so much better than the old site.  Check out the web cams.  There is a lot of snow already on the East Wall and it’s only the middle of September.  All of the snow guns […]

  4. • SKI Magazine's 2008-09 Reader Resort Survey: The Top 50 Resorts

    Planning your next ski trip? Start here with our guide to see how the top 50 resorts in North America stack up. And stayed tuned to SkiNet.com for our upcoming, newly re-vamped Resort Finder.

    Top 30 Resorts
    The cream of the crop. The best of the best in the West. The top places in the country to ski, based on a number of qualities that you’re looking for in a resort: terrain, quality of snow, grooming, and more.

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