Colorado Ski Train Opens 2006 Season

Wednesday, December 27th was the first time the Ski Train departed Denver for it’s journey to Winter Park.

Unfortunately, Round 2 of the Colorado Blizzard has forced the train to cancel it’s trips on both Friday and Saturday. The extra snow has made the conditions dangerous for travel both by road and rail.

The Ski Train runs both in the Winter and Summer months. Winter trips bypass the hassle of driving up to the mountains on I-70 but the trip (leaving Denver at 7:15) takes a little over two hours. The cost, too, may not outweigh the benefit. In any case, it’s a beautiful ride you can’t find anywhere else.

Find more details at their website,

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Learning about the Ski Train was briefly exciting for me. That is until I went to the website. $49 for a 2 hr ride is tough. Especially when I have to tack on an extra hour of driving. Although it still might be worth doing once just for the amazing views.

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