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Can't get to the slopes?

With the recent onslaught of new snow, skiers and riders are loving the fresh powder skiing. But, some of us simply can’t make it to the mountains. Instead, bring the fun to your own backyard.

Some of us were crazy enough to brave the conditions of I-70 this past week. Others may not feel so lucky. In that case, you can have plenty of fun back at home.

Build a jump

There are plenty of hills and open space throughout Colorado. If you’re looking to land that 360 then build a jump (see my photos). Fresh new powder hurts a lot less. Additionally, theres no workout quite like shoveling snow into piles… for fun.

Cross-country ski

Again, all that open space provides for great cross-country trails. Instead of jogging this week simply go out and ski the parks near your house. With a foot of powder its like a whole new world.

I’m sure there are plenty of other ideas I’ve missed- leave your ideas in the comments.

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