Mobile road conditions

If you’re the owner of a smart phone you probably know how convenient it is to have the internet on your phone. Personally, I own a Blackberry Pearl (T-Mobile) and have been checking out a ton of mobile websites lately.

One thing I learned is that CDOT provides a mobile version of it’s site at I had no problem pulling up cameras of I-70 at Copper Mountain, looking for any road alerts, and so on.

Next time you get stuck (like I already have) and you’ve got an internet-ready mobile phone perhaps a little bit more information might help you.

For example: If you had tried to get home last Thursday you would have been greeted with 3 closures on I-70. Knowing an accident had closed I-70 near El Rancho means you would have tried to take US6 home. I did. Others didn’t. I got home at 7:30pm. Others got home at 1:00am. I’m just saying…

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