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Vail (2007-12-09)

My best day skiing was last Sunday at Vail when they got over 8 inches of fresh new snow. Sure, Vail got snow but I got a bowl! The Blue Sky Basin also opened and I can’t count the number of times I got (delightfully) stuck in the deep white stuff.

Vail: Devin falls

The best part of all this snow is you can’t get too terribly hurt. The worst part is that a lot of rocks, cliffs and bumps are lurking beneath. It’s also a huge drain of energy trying to stand up and work your way out of getting stuck. So, with the good (great!) comes the bad. You be the judge:

Vail scenery

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You should have been there this past weekend January 4th til today, all pow days! I demo’d some nice boards at the Burton Tour Held at Golden Peak Village in Vail. The trick is to have a place to crash when the weather is like this! If you Consider moving out here or a 2nd home, check out our site for great houses in the valley, Imagine being snowed in town when they close I-70 for the weekend and its dumping!

Yeah it was looking very good so I went up yesterday (8th) to Vail. I definitely need a place to crash but mountain homes are not in my financial future right now. Thanks for the info, Joe.

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