Cold weekend

This past weekend kept a lot of folks at home. I know a few groups that stayed away from the slops because they weren’t crazy enough to ski in sub-zero temperatures. Of course, there were plenty that played in the high country like the rippin skiers. Seven below is a little chilly even for me…

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I was at Loveland on Saturday. It was effin’ cold. Some old timers in the lodge told us -26F. I’m not sure about that, but I’d for sure believe it was -15F. I had the foresight to bring the balaclava and extra layers. Only thing cold on me was the legs (even after adding an extra layer part way through the day). It was a good day overall — few people, decent snow, excellent hot chocolate. I felt like I was the only person on the mountain when I made my last run at 3:30.

The pictures are funny because there’s no way you’d recognize who was in them. 🙂

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