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Buddy pass pricing not available?

2010 Update: The ski with a friend discounted ticket prices are now posted online at

As an owner of the Colorado Pass I’m entitled to “six Ski With A Friend, discounted lift tickets that are loaded onto [my] pass” (link). The Colorado Pass website states “Passholder must be present with friend to receive discount. Discounts and prices vary throughout the season. Visit during the season for details and pricing.” I don’t see any pricing! For such an expensive pass there is very little information available online. Heck, when I renewed my pass online there was no confirmation that my pass was activated. I had to show up at the slopes on blind faith to know, for sure, it was ready for the season.

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It is now 1-20-08 and I was unable to locate any information about current buddy pass ski discounts for friends via the Colorado pass. Who is responsible for this info on

So, I finally found the webpage that gives the discounts, but now I can’t find it again. Gotta love the well thought out information architecture of that site! I can say, however, from direct experience that the Vail buddy discount price was $65 a couple weeks ago.

it says that the pricing will be available during the “season.” since A-Basin opens TOMORROW… I’m sure the prices will be posted shortly.

How annoying. I have been searching for the “discounted” rate for the 6 “ski with a friend” vouchers on and found nothing… and I’m a professional web designer. What that tells me is that they are not trying to serve the information to folks, but may well be hiding it because the discount is so insubstantial.

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