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Snowago: online snow community

If you’re looking to connect with fellow snow enthusiasts then visit Snowago: A skiing / snowboarding / telemarking / snowriding community. It’s a very simple site with the following features:

  • User profiles: setup an account and store your pictures, journals, favorite resorts, etc.
  • Resort profiles: not just limited to Colorado, it has weather, mountain conditions, pictures, news, events and even discounted tickets.
  • Discussions: as with any community, chat with fellow participants and use them as yet another resource
  • Surveys and Quizzes: participate by either testing your knowledge or share it with the community to earn snowflakes
  • Rewards: use snowflakes to buy prizes (none currently available).

It’s a cool site and has a lot of potential. The only issue being the user-base: the site is only as valuable as the number of people using it. So, go to Snowago, sign up, become my friend, and start contributing. By next season I hope it’ll be the place to hang out.

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