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  1. Introducing Alterra Mountain Company and the Ikon Pass

    The newly introduced Alterra Mountain Company has announced their signature season pass for skiers and snowboarders Alterra Mountain Company introduced itself and its name to the world on January 11, 2018. Some simply think of Alterra simply as “new Intrawest” but its way more than that: its the joint venture of affiliates of KSL Capital…

  2. Colorado boldly adopts an upside-down yield sign as new “brand” logo

    Well done. After a year or ideating and brainstorming and concepts, the brightest design minds in Colorado have created a green triangle. Learn more about this stroke of genius at

    But seriously, it’s a clear and clean logo and I think it works OK. But, it’s way too generic.

    Rest assured, Colorado Snow will proudly stick to the ever-recognizable (and meaningful) colors presented on our state flag:

    • White symbolizes the snow
    • Gold acknowledges the abundant sunshine
    • Red represents the red soil and rocks
    • Blue a symbol of the beautiful blue skies

    Of course, that’s because we have to:

    The Colorado flag is “public domain,” meaning it can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere. The Colorado state brand, on the other hand, is a registered trademark of the state that cannot be used without express permission from the state.

    What do you think of the new Colorado Brand?

  3. Adventure’s Out There!

    Colorful moments that added a little excitement to our season The time I Nordic skied without knowing how to ski You may recall our Nordic skiing outing with friends at Breckenridge. While it was fabulously fun, I do have a few recommendations based on my experience. Start by asking yourself these questions: Did you know…

  4. SIA State of the Industry 2010/2011

    The ski industry has put out a video detailing the “state of the industry”:

    The 2010/11 winter season was a record year for the snow sports industry. Why? Find out from this State of the Industry review of SIA’s Snow Sports Market Intelligence Report giving an overview of retail sales, trends, consumer behavior and participation.

    The details may not be interesting to the typical skier but the stats are fascinating. Clocking in at 10 minutes some highlights include: $3.3 billion in retail sales, highest snowfall in 20 years, and over 21 million snow sports participants.

  5. CoSnow looking for writers

    We’re a small group here at CoSnow and we’re looking for some great contributors to help fill the gaps. We can’t be everywhere all the time (and I’ll be out of town for 3 weeks starting Friday)! So, if you’d like to help out: sign up on our contributor page and post an article. Top…

  6. Colorado Snow Events Calendar

    Looking for upcoming events, fun things, concerts, and snow activities across the state? Look no further than Colorado Snow events. CoSnow events pulls together all the best events this season. You won’t find a more comprehensive list anywhere else. Check out the events page. If you want an event to be added: send a calendar…

  7. Looking for a job at Colorado resorts?

    Having talked to a lot of recent graduates its amazing the number of students that retreat to the mountains after college. Instead of getting a “real” job a lot of people decide the culture, snow, and life experience is better in the mountains. I don’t blame them. If you’re looking for a job in the…