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Ask CS: Where can I buy gear in the summer?

Q: Where can I buy new skis in August? I’ll visit Boulder on August 1, heard about great selection and year-round sales in CO. There only bikes on sale during summer in NY. Please tell me! Thanks! -Irina

A: Hi Irina, while you’re in Colorado you should definitely check out the following:

  • Boulder Ski Deals: Smack dab in the middle of Boulder this shop offers excellent service (professional, friendly) even in the summer. They’re worth stopping by or calling to see if they have any deals. Click here to visit their website.
  • Colorado Ski & Golf: With locations in the metro area they sell a good variety of gear, accessories, and passes. If you’re around for another month their annual sale, Ski Rex, is a great place to pick up last year’s eqipment at huge (up to 70%) discounts. Click here to visit their website.
  • Sports Authority: From the folks that brought us SNIAGRAB (like Ski Rex), Sports Authority is always a good bet to find stuff in the off-season. Last season we put together a full (beginners) snowboard package (boots, bindings, board) for around $250–kid you not! Don’t expect top notch service, though. Not everyone on staff is as well versed as experts may hope. Click here to visit their website.

Unfortunately all the really good deals come out in late August or early September. Check back with COSNOW for details on Ski Rex and SNIAGRAB.

Thanks for the question, Irina, and good luck in your searches!

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