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A new way to rent gear

With airlines now charging as much as $100 to bring skis on the plane, rental shops are becoming a solid option for someone traveling by air to their next ski destination. Besides traditional, retail rental locations a number of delivery rental companies are making a foot hold in many Western resorts. Ski Butlers, a ski […]

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Gear Review: i360 Music Infused Headband

Not every skier or snowboarder prefers to wear hats. I actually know a lot of ladies that prefer headbands on the slopes. Like most people, I also enjoy listening to music (at an appropriate level) while skiing. That’s where the i360 Music Infused Headband steps in. When I first saw these I thought: holy cow […]

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Ski Rex 2008 begins Labor Day weekend

Just like every other year, Ski Rex will start on Labor Day weekend. The deals found at Denver-area Colorado Ski & Golf stores can’t be beat. Some people might even say that the Ski Rex staff are more knowledgable and helpful than those at Sniagrab. You be the judge. Click here to get a VIP […]

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Ask CS: Where can I buy gear in the summer?

Q: Where can I buy new skis in August? I’ll visit Boulder on August 1, heard about great selection and year-round sales in CO. There only bikes on sale during summer in NY. Please tell me! Thanks! -Irina A: Hi Irina, while you’re in Colorado you should definitely check out the following: Boulder Ski Deals: […]


Colorado Gear Companies

I’m always amazed at how many companies behind the products I love are Colorado-based businesses. I like to support local products when possible, and I never have to worry about compromising quality to do so. In that vein, I thought I’d try to compile a list of Colorado companies that are making products that could […]