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Tramdock - Cheap ski and snowboard gear

Tramdock is like Woot for ski gear.  Go to the web page and they’ll have one item on sale at a ridiculously reduced price.  They’ll sell this item until it’s out of stock and then move on to the next item.  They have all the best brands at great prices.  For example, right now Tramdock is selling the Lange Freeride 110 Women’s Ski boot for $206, that’s 71% off of the regular price of $698.95!

There are a few different alerts you can set up on Tramdock to stay on top of the deals: a daily email, desktop alerts, Internet Explorer or Firefox plugins, RSS/XML, and IM.  My favorite is the Fiefox plugin, which adds a little line at the bottom of your browser showing what’s currently on sale.  You can ignore it if you want, or click to open if it looks like something you want. You can also follow Tramdock on Twitter (just like you can follow CoSnow).

A few caveats to keep in mind are that these items have a limited selling time and are often only for specific colors and/or sizes of gear.  I got really excited to buy a jacket yesterday but discovered there was only size XL left.  Regardless, if you’re living on a lifty salary but still want the best gear, check out Tramdock.

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