Gear Review: i360 Music Infused Headband

Not every skier or snowboarder prefers to wear hats. I actually know a lot of ladies that prefer headbands on the slopes. Like most people, I also enjoy listening to music (at an appropriate level) while skiing. That’s where the i360 Music Infused Headband steps in.

Music Infused Headbands - $39.95

When I first saw these I thought: holy cow that’s the best idea EVER! You simply slide the iPod Nano (first or third generation) into the headband and plug into the headphone jack. The headband has two (removable, for washing purposes) mini speakers that pump music straight through your headband.

This sounds good in theory, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way:

  • My ears must be in weird places on my head. No matter where I pushed the mini speakers, they didn’t perfectly align with my ears. Even if I rotated the headband, the spacing didn’t work out.
  • The sound quality is great. I had no problem hearing the music very clearly. Unfortunately, there is no enclosure so the sound is heard by everyone around you. Not usually a problem, but probably very annoying on the ski lift.
  • The controls are on your forehead. You can feel the iPod sitting, slightly to the side, but you can’t easily access the controls without taking off the headband. Sure, if you memorize the menus (or turn on spoken menus) you can get where you need to.. but that’s a hassle.
  • My head doesn’t fit the headband! Although a high-quality headband, my head doesn’t seem to fit. The headband is just a little too big and loose. I tried jogging with this instead and failed pretty miserably.

All in all, I’m disappointed with the music infused headband; at $40 I would’ve returned it immediately. I’m thinking the beanies or hats could avoid a number of these issues but I guess it’s not that easy to put iPods in headbands. Cheers to i360 for a damn good attempt, though.

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