Arapahoe Basin (2010-01-09)

The lack of snow in the majority of Colorado hills is quite unfortunate. Having visited A-Basin this past weekend, it became even more obvious how little we really have.

East Wall from top of Lewanee

Not only is Montezuma bowl closed, but the east wall is pure rock, and the west wall had just barely opened. If you were looking for challenging runs, the day would have been limited to about a half-dozen runs under Lewanee Life if it weren’t for Pallavicini (Pali) opening just that day. Even with that, you’re limited to about five runs which all had a very small base and noticeable rocks by mid-day.

A-Basin map of runs

You can see the green area has had some good snow and decently-shaped moguls. The higher up you go (orange and pink) the less snow you have. I hit a good number of rocks and was none-too-pleased about that.

But, conditions aside, it was a beautiful day. The kind of afternoon where you could sit out on the deck with a jacket on and enjoy the sun. We just need more snow…

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