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Arapahoe Basin new quad lift

If you hadn’t heard, Arapahoe Basin is losing it’s “hard core” exterior and becoming “resortized” by Vail Resorts. With the parking upgrades and Montezuma Bowl lift, it’s hard to argue the resort isn’t trying to stay competitive with the major resorts. So, this summer A-Basin will be adding a high-speed quad lift to replace Exhibition at the bottom of the mountain. Suggestions for the name of the lift are being accepted at [email protected] with the winner reciving a 2010-11 Arapahoe Basin Season Pass or $300 gift certificate to Arapahoe Sports. (via DenverPost)

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“Arapahoe Basin is losing it’s “hard core” exterior and becoming “resortized” by Vail Resorts.”

Not sure what you mean. A-Basin is not one of VR resorts. It’s not owned by Vail Resorts. It’s owned by Booth Holdings I believe.

Hey Richard, you’re completely right and sorry for jumping to my conclusion there.

I feel that by including A-Basin on their seasons passes, Vail Resorts has provided some pressure in the form of new crowds and certain expectations that the other member resorts already provide.

Actually, as a former employee of Arapahoe Basin for the 2009-2010 winter season, I can attest that Arapahoe Basin is owned by Dundee Resort Development, a subsidiary of Dundee Reality, which is based out of Toronto, Canada. When Vail Resorts bought up Ralcorp Holdings in 1996, who owned Breckenridge, Keystone, and Arapahoe Basin the Justice Department stepped in and forced them to divest Arapahoe Basin, which is when it was sold to Dundee. However, Dundee forged a ticketing agreement with Vail that gives them a cut of the earnings every time a Vail Resorts pass is scanned there, hence the Epic, Colorado, and Summit Passes.

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