Why do Colorado State Patrol pace cars on I-70?

If you make the weekend drive up to Summit County you’ll know that speeds slow down at the Eisenhower Tunnel and on some Sundays, heading back East you may have to stop entirely. The tunnel can only handle so much capacity and it occasionally needs to be closed to allow cars to pass through (for safety reasons, primarily).

The Colorado State Patrol has been testing “speed harmonization” this summer. You may recognize this as “a police car driving in front of everyone at a slower-than-desired speed” in the winter when road conditions are bad. This is the CSP’s way of setting the pace for drivers to keep traffic moving safely and consistently.

Since the summer tests have proven effective, this could mean seeing more of it this winter to help keep speeds consistent and reduce crashes. In other words, if we all drive together at a consistent, safe speed, we’ll see less crashes and huge delays.

Sounds good to us. Learn more about road conditions, traffic forecasts, and about initiatives like this over at GoI70.

Dillon, Colorado, United States

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