Keystone Photography Ski Log

Keystone (2011-11-20)

It was a fun day up in Summit County. It’s early season so there’s no traffic, Dillon seems still quieter than usual and the lifties won’t let you on until 9 AM.

We used our first day as a dry run to work out all the kinks: adding the ski rack on the roof, making sure we grabbed all the proper gear (we did!), break in the new boots, and, of course, hit that one piece of bare snow to get your first divot of the season (damn!).

Keystone was busy down at River Run because most people are working out issues with their passes. If you need a replacement pass, new photo, etc. you have to do it at Keystone. If you are getting a “replacement pass”, you only get one freebie a season so hang on tight. Oh, and look for all the guys and gals in green suits: they’ll take your EpicMix photo. Just make sure you remind them to scan your pass. They’re still working out their kinks, too, though: I have two photos that were set as taken today (a day in the future).

Overall the conditions are as you expect: a bit iffy and very crowded. The weather was nice with sun most of the day and some cloud cover rolling in and out. Overall, a successful start to the season.


Dillon, Colorado, United States

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