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Renting ski and snowboard gear for kids: Junior Trade In Program

The fine folks over at Colorado Ski and Golf have been running the Junior Trade In program for almost 30 years now and continues to be one of the best deals for families with growing children. Of course, it’d be expensive to outfit your child every year or so (maybe even more frequently) so the Junior Trade In allows parents to rent equipment in an affordable way:

This uniquely affordable ski rental program was created to insure that children’s equipment is as modestly priced as possible. After the first season’s rental, a complete package for used equipment that includes skis, boots and poles is only $49.99 per year. A mandatory binding check adds $15. Equipment can be exchanged as often as needed during the season to make sure the size and fit remains comfortable—free. The first year kids are registered in Junior Trade In, the cost is $99.99 for used equipment and then each year, a refit into a different set of used equipment is 50 percent off–$49.99. The deal remains in effect for as long as the child continues to rent through the Colorado Ski & Golf program.

cosnow’s take: if you’re a parent renting equipment for your kids all season this program is a no brainer. Stop by any of the five Colorado Ski & Golf stores (Aurora, Arvada, Littleton, Colorado Springs), the new location in Park Meadows, or Boulder Ski Deals to learn more.

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