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December, 2011

  1. Infographic: Buying a Winter Jacket

    Infographics are all the rage these days. What better way than to inform, show interesting facts, and make some pretty graphs in the process? The folks at Credit Donkey pointed me towards their guide to buying a winter jacket and I was surprised, it’s really well done. There’s everything from windchill to how various types…

  2. Denver thinks about 2022 winter Olympic games →

    From The Denver Exploratory Committee’s release:

    The opportunity to pursue the Games is an endeavor worth taking very seriously,” Hickenlooper said. “We’ve asked this exploratory committee to explore all issues relevant to Denver potentially submitting a bid to the USOC. Those issues include making certain any bid would be financially sound and will help economic growth in the state. We would also want to find ways to showcase Colorado as the healthiest state in the nation for work and play no matter of a bid’s outcome.

    Remember how we almost had the games in 1976? (No? Me neither…)

  3. Speed “harmonization” to begin on I-70 this weekend →

    Read a bit more from the Colorado Department of Transportation on the “harmonization” that will begin on Sunday. In short: officers will pace cars from before the tunnel all the way to US 6 near Floyd Hill to help maintain consistent, safe speeds.

  4. OpenSnow iPhone app now available →

    Kudos to Joel over at OpenSnow for launching an iPhone app. If you want to see photographic, on-the-slopes, evidence of new snow in Colorado, this is the place to check. Be sure to sign up for the powder alerts so you know when the inches start coming down.

  5. Also exciting: Mary Jane is now open at Winter Park for the 2011/2012 season starting today (December 16). Super Gauge Express, Galloping Goose and Pony Express will be running.

  6. Beaver Creek (2011-12-10)

    Saturday was a great day to be on the mountain: perfect temperatures, not too crowded, and some decent “early season” conditions. Rachel and I headed up to Beaver Creek early in the morning and hopped on one of the first chairs at Centennial (#6). When we got to the top we grabbed a quick EpicMix…